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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dynamic RN

Not being forced to write for class apparently means not writing at all!  Now that I am back from my self-imposed hiatus, I hope to continue to share my journey to becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.  Many months ago, I wrote as a harried single mother, full-time student, part time soldier busily juggling (badly!) all the facets of my life.  Today, I write as a dynamic person, no not Super Hero fabulous, but dynanmic, ever-changing, evolving towards my end self, the final product of this mess of ingredients that is to be me. 

Since the class that created this blog, I have discovered Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.  Every day, I add facets of each to my nursing practice convinced by the evidence of their efficacy.  I have been blessed to see their benefit in my own life and in the lives of my patients, so much so that I am changing my dissertation.  I am unsure where my path will take me, but am absolutely certain if I am doing what needs to be done for my health, both physical and emotional, my journey will end up exactly where it is supposed to be. 

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