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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Foreign Nurses

"My philosophy in life is that any human being, however unpleasant, yields to the honest, caring hands of another. I believe this is the essence of nursing—to heal not only the ailing physical body, but also to mend bruised feelings and self-esteem."

Anyone who listens to the news, not just medical professionals, has heard of the nursing shortage in this country and the shortfall is expected to rise.  To supplement the shortage, many organizations particulary long term care facilities recruit foreign nurses.  Here in my area there are many Filipino, Caribbean, and African nurses to fill the gaps.  I've heard some of the prejudices, but thankfully never encountered that kind of behavior at a facility where I've worked.  The more I learn of the barriers nurse practitioners face "breaking in" to the primary practice world dominated by medical doctors, the more I understand what they must face. 

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